Course Uniforms

As with any college medical training program or EMS/Fire academy, uniforms are required.
Students should expect to acquire uniforms and accessories for their program.

Uniforms must be worn to ALL course-related activities including classroom or lab sessions, testing, and clinical rotations. Showing up without a complete uniform is grounds to be dismissed from that class, lab, or clinical session and being marked absent.

Note: Our EMS programs include a polo shirt at no charge. EMT Refreshers do not require a uniform. Uniforms are also not required for any online training sessions.

Uniform Description:

EMS Students (EMT, Advanced EMT / Cardiac):

    • School uniform polo shirt (provided)
    • Blue EMT style cargo pants (example:
    • Black belt
    • Black shoes, boots, or sneakers (no crocs)
    • Pen, Pocket Notepad, Wristwatch (for taking vital signs – smartphone not allowed for this)
    • EMT Equipment (may be purchased at school) incl Trauma Shears, Penlight
    • Job Shirt (optional) [click here to view and order]

Allied Health Students (CNA, Phlebotomy, EKG, Coding/Billing, Medical Assistant…):

    •  School uniform can be purchased locally (info will be included in welcome email)
    • Pewter Gray Cherokee Brand top and bottom (range from basic models with no pockets to drawstring bottoms with beltloops, pockets, zippers, etc.)
    • Closed-toed footwear

Accessories (such as hoodies, hats, etc.) can be purchased by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is a uniform required?

911Programs is a Career Training Institute. That means, we prepare students for work upon graduation. That’s one of the reasons you will find our graduates working at nearly every hospital, laboratory, and fire / EMS agency in the state. A sharp appearance denotes confidence in others when they look at you. When you wear a uniform you look professional; when you look professional you start to feel professional; and when you feel professional you start to act professionally. Our goal isn’t just to get you trained – it’s to help you get hired and prepare you for your career.

2. When should I purchase my uniform / accessories?

As soon as your application is approved, you are officially enrolled in the program. At that point you should make every effort to acquire the necessary uniform and accessories.

3. If I am funded by an agency, will I have to purchase my own uniform?

No. If you are a student funded by an agency, uniforms are included if your agency has paid for them. Most funded students purchase them and get reimbursed by us with a receipt.

4. Why aren’t uniforms included in tuition?

Just like at colleges, universities and other academies, some students prefer to purchase different styles of uniforms from very basic to upgraded or higher quality versions. Rather than raise tuition and charge ALL students for a specific uniform, we keep the tuition lower and leave it up to the student to decide what version to use for the course. This allows students to save money if they choose a less expensive option.

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