About us

Our Mission

The mission of 911Programs Career Training Institute is to provided programs that:

  1. Meet or exceed requirements for certification, licensure, or re-licensure
  2. Offer college-level resources and programs in a comfortable, supportive environment
  3. Conform to the highest standards of quality and educational excellence
  4. Offer a balance between the wants and needs of students without compromising the integrity of programs
  5. Offer a safe and harassment-free atmosphere for students as well as staff
  6. Consider not only the safety but also the enjoyment of student

911Programs has 3 goals in providing courses:

  1. Produce clinicians who are highly skilled and knowledgeable upon graduation
  2. Prepare students for licensure / certification exams
  3. Prepare students for employment

Why Choose 911Programs?

Price and Time

Save thousands of dollars and graduate sooner.

Let’s face it, education is expensive. What you want is a new career, not a long-term student loan. Most colleges and trade schools require students to take multiple pre-requisite or co-requisite courses – which add tens of thousands of dollars and many months to your education cost and time. 911Programs Career Training Institute programs focus on the core curriculum you need to get hired. 911Programs is authorized by the RI Department of Health to conduct courses. Our students complete accredited national testing so you can start your new job faster and for a fraction of the cost.

We Accept WIOA, ORS, and VA/GI Students

For students who qualify under one of the above programs.

911Programs is an authorized training provider and partner of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (Network RI, Department of Labor and Training), The Office of Rehabilitation Services, and The Veteran’s Administration (post 9/11 GI Bill). Training may be provided only to individuals who qualify for the program and only if funds are available. Not sure if you qualify? Call your local office to find out or call us and one of our team members will direct you to the appropriate office.

Guaranteed Clinical Placement

We have many clinical sites in RI and MA.

Clinical placement is essential for health career students and a requirement to sit for national testing. Students assume that clinical placement is guaranteed – it isn’t. We see many students who have taken their training elsewhere only to find out that the school has no clinical placement or there is a 6-month wait. 911Programs Career Training Institute has affiliations with many services, hospitals, and laboratories in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. The average wait time from completion of training to entry into the clinical setting is less than one month.

Job Readiness Training

Students are properly prepared for work in the clinical setting.

The whole point of going to school is to get a job when you’re done. We treat your time here as if it were your job, preparing you for work in the field. Whether you are a young person going for your first job or an empty-nester returning to the workforce after many years, we will set you up for success. Students wear uniforms and are taught to conduct themselves professionally in preparation for their new career.

Job Placement Assistance

Our team will help you acquire your new job.

Our graduates are so highly sought that employers contact us every month looking for the new batch of graduates. Placement rate upon graduation is approximately 85%. If you do not get an immediate job offer, members of our team will help you write a professional resume, teach you how to search for jobs, and even conduct a ‘mock interview’ so that you can practice your interview skills. And best of all, we do not charge for this – it’s absolutely free for our students. We want you to be successful.

National Testing Center

We are a national testing center for the National HealthCareer Association (NHA), Pearson Vue, and the National Registry of EMTs (NREMT) .

As a national testing site for all our programs, students do not have to go somewhere else for certification exams. This means that you can take your national exam right here at our Warwick campus where you did your training. What students often don’t realize, especially EMS students, is that there typically is a 6-8 week waiting period once you sign up for your national exam. Our students can literally graduate on Friday and take their National exam on Monday. Imagine how much better you will do on your exam if you can take it right away while everything is still fresh in your mind.

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