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Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunity in EMS and as an Allied Health Professional:

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Healthcare careers are growing at a much faster than average rate, offering more job opportunities and job security than other industries. At 911Programs, we strive to have our students leave as career ready professionals, capable of entering the workforce. Review the Statistics

Clinical placement is essential for health career students and a requirement to sit for national testing. Students assume that clinical placement is guaranteed – it isn’t. We see many students who have taken their training elsewhere only to find out that the school has no clinical placement or there is a 6-month wait. 911Programs Career Training Institute has affiliations with many services, hospitals, and laboratories in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. The average wait time from completion of training to entry into the clinical setting is less than one month.

The whole point of going to school is to get a job when you’re done. We treat your time here as if it were your job, preparing you for work in the field. Whether you are a young person going for your first job or an empty-nester returning to the workforce after many years, we will set you up for success. Students wear uniforms and are taught to conduct themselves professionally in preparation for their new career.

Our graduates are so highly sought that employers contact us every month looking for the new batch of graduates. Placement rate upon graduation is approximately 85%. If you do not get an immediate job offer, members of our team will help you write a professional resume, teach you how to search for jobs, and even conduct a ‘mock interview’ so that you can practice your interview skills. And best of all, we do not charge for this – it’s absolutely free for our students. We want you to be successful.

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