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Financing suitable for all situations

911Programs recognizes the enormous burden that costly student loans can have on a person’s finances – that’s why we make things easy by starting with tuition that is lower than the average cost and coupling that with affordable payment options.

See below for tuition financing options.

Some of our students qualify for education assistance including fully paid tuition and expenses from a variety of sources. We work with the RI Department of Labor and Training Network RI, the Veterans Administration, The Office of Rehabilitative Services, Comprehensive Community Action Plan, and various private organizations.

For tuition assistance under one of these programs, contact your local office to see if you qualify.

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Next to finding a source to pay for your education, paying your tuition in full before your course starts is always the least expensive way to finance your upcoming program.

We accept all forms of payment including personal checks, cash, credit and debit cards, money orders, and bank checks.

We work with lenders to secure you a loan that meets the program requirements and suits your budget. Whether your credit is good, not-so-good, or if you have no credit yet, there is a plan for you. Naturally the better your credit the more offers you receive and the better the arrangements, but all applicants can finance their education with us.

If I qualify for funding under a program, do I have any out-of-pocket costs?
Sometimes. It depends on the funding source, but for the most part most sources provide money for tuition, books, and uniforms. Either way students are always responsible for their own note-taking materials.

In addition to tuition (which is published on the courses page) are there any other initial expenses?
Yes. There is a $50 application fee and a $20 fee for personal liability insurance. The application fee is non-refundable should you choose to withdraw your application. Hard copies of textbooks are not included in tuition. For more information on textbooks, click here.

Do I need to put a deposit to hold my seat in the course?
A minimum deposit of $100 is required to approve your enrollment. Additional deposit is not necessary but it is recommended. Traditional in-person courses do on occasion fill to capacity and seating is based on first-come, first serve basis.

If I cannot pay in full, how does your finance work?
All financing options come with some level of extra charges such as interest and finance fees. Paying tuition in full before the course begins will mean a significant savings in overall cost. If you do choose to finance, the larger deposit you put down, the lower your overall cost will be.
We start off by trying to get you a traditional student loan that you can pay back over a period of time. This option has no finance fee and requires no money down since your loan is fully funded. Interest and other loan terms are determined by the lender. If we cannot pair you with a lender because you are denied or because the terms are  unacceptable to you, we go to our second lender. Since 911Programs guarantees this loan, students must pay a deposit of $500 or 30% of the borrowed amount whichever is lower. There is no finance fee with this second option but you will pay interest on this loan. If this option does not provide a suitable loan, we will go to our final solution: In-house billing / tuition management. With this option a finance fee of 5% applies and interest is paid on the borrowed amount. A deposit of $500 or 30% of the borrowed amount is required.
Loans under $1000 have a maximum loan period of 6 months.
Loans at or above $1000 but below $3000 have a maximum loan period of 12 months.
Loans at or above $3000 have a maximum loan period of 18 months.
All payments are paid through our lending partners.
Note: neither the $100 minimum deposit nor the $50 application fee may be financed.


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