Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any financing options available?

Yes. Although it is always more cost-efficient to pay tuition up front, we do offer financing for all applicants. No credit check. Low monthly payments. Since each program is a different length and tuition for each program is unique, the exact specifics for each program are also unique. Call and speak with one of our Career Counselors about your specific situation.

Do I have to be 18 to take a course?

No. While it is necessary to be 18 to be licensed in some professions (such as EMT but not CNA), you do not have to be 18 to take the course. You can complete course work and then apply for licensure after your 18th birthday. The same applies for non-licensed certified professions - you may complete coursework but will not be able to apply for positions until you are 18. Note: High School Diploma or GED required for enrollment in all but CNA courses.

Can I miss classes, what are the attendance parameters?

While we don't recommend missing any classes, there are allowable absences and provisions for makeups for each program. Each course has a maximum allowable number of absences (that do not have to be made up); absences exceeding that number must be made up. Depending on the course, makeups can be done online. If you would like to know about a specific course and/or specific dates, just send a message with that info and we will gladly fill you in.

How long is the program?

We have many different career programs ranging from 12 weeks to 9 months.

What is the schedule?

Traditional courses have their own unique schedules. To learn about the schedule for a particular course, click on the course you are interested or contact us.

What is the cost of the program?

The cost of each program varies. Please contact us for questions on your desired class.

Are books included?

In order to keep tuition low, books are provided in electronic format. However some students may wish to purchase a new textbook, a used textbook, or rent a textbook. Students who wish to purchase a hard copy of a textbook may do so. For the ISBN numbers of the books:

Do you offer job placement?

We offer guaranteed clinicals for most of our programs during which job offers are not uncommon. We do offer free of charge, job placement services such as job seeking training, resume writing, and job interview training.

What immunizations if any are needed?

Please visit our page that completely explains the requirement: 911programs.com/immunizations

What COVID precautions are being taken/enforced?

Please see info here..

Do you accept WIOA, ORS, and VA/GI Students?

For students who qualify under one of the above programs, 911Programs is an authorized training provider and partner of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (Network RI, Department of Labor and Training), The Office of Rehabilitation Services, and The Veteran’s Administration (post 9/11 GI Bill). Training may be provided only to individuals who qualify for the program and only if funds are available. Not sure if you qualify? Call your local office to find out or call us and one of our team members will direct you to the appropriate office.

Interested in more information?

Be sure to view our available courses or contact our Counselors with any questions you may have! Next Semester begins in January and space is limited!

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